april 15, 2022

our renovation, start to finish


Backstory on the space— it has been a coffee shop, Lego store, and personal trainer’s studio. When originally looking at the space, we had known of it previously and had been inside when it was the personal trainer’s before us. In my head, I remembered it being so dark that I thought there was no possible way this could become a natural light photo studio. Looking at it again with a fresh set of eyes, I realized that if we were to paint the walls and knock out a little wall, that it would really open + brighten up the space. With that, we leased the building and got to work.

Every wall in here was a medium to dark grey that we needed to paint white, there was a foot long partition wall that needed to be knocked out, and 3 gigantic mirrors that had been glued to some of the south facing walls. After all of that was done, we started looking for a subcontractor to take on a big task. One of the biggest things we had to tackle the refinishing of the concrete floors. (A big thank you to Jake at Sun Coatings) They had previously been stained a rust color, then painted over in the same medium/ dark grey that the walls were. The natural concrete flooring was something I was really set on and am so glad we were able to make it happen. Once that was finished, it was time to work one the accent walls, the brick wall + the white textured wall. Megan’s husband tackled the brick wall (and did an amazing job) after watching a couple YouTube videos and I tackled the white textured wall. With all of that done, it was finally time to do some shopping + and really get everything looking how it does now and set for rentals! There have been minor adjustments since opening in January, like our kitchen doors, and I'm sure there will be more in the future but as of right now we are so beyond happy with the fruits of our labor.

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